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Treehouses are not just for kids...

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A treehouse in your back garden is a bit of a childhood dream and Different by Design can help make it become an adult reality! With all our garden designs being bespoke and unique to each customer, treehouses don't just have to be for your kids and they also don't need to be in a tree. We build them around trees or they can be created on stilts too, any size you like!

The materials the team use can also be unique to you and in keeping with the location it'll be installed in. The timber Different by Design use is hard wearing and will last a long long time, ensuring plenty of people of all ages can enjoy the treehouse.

Kid treehouses

It allows children to have their space, enjoy being outside whilst also creating a place for free flow imaginative play. Different by Design comply with the fall height regulations ensuring they are safe and have the appropriate flooring beneath.

Adult treehouses

The treehouses Different by Design install come in all different shapes and sizes so who says you can't have an adult one! There is so much potential to make it a hideaway after a long day at work or when you wish for peace and quiet whilst you enjoy your morning tea or coffee. And even better still, electrics can be put in them!

If this sounds appealing, get in touch and we can show you more images of past treehouse designs and we can discuss what would suit you and your garden best, all for free!