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How to brighten up the shade!

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Most of us love the sun, light rooms and clear blue skies. So we often see a shady garden as a problem, where plants don't grow well and where it's constantly damp. Whilst this can be true, it is still possible to make your garden a great area to socialise in. Whether you have light, dappled or deep shade your garden has potential.

If you're concerned that your garden is dull to look at, there's a solution! There are plants that thrive in a shady environments and can still blossom which will create a revamped garden environment.

Some of these are: Begonias, Primrose, Ferns, Geraniums, Hydrangea, Pansy, Fuchsia amethyst and lots more!

Another simple way is to install some outdoor lights, or even fairy lights that will make the garden cosy and nice to socialise in, especially in a summers evening.

Continuing with the idea of brightening up, have you ever considered artificial grass?
The quality has improved so much over the years and looks more realistic than ever. It doesn't need light to look bright, it's low maintenance, child and pet friendly and an all round win for a shady garden. If you're not so keen because it's artificial and you love gardening, the team at Different by Design can design it so that your garden suits your needs. Sleepers, flowerbeds or oversized plant pots can be around your lawn and add to the colour outside.

Different by Design are happy to give away free samples and a free quote if you need more convincing!